Sep 30

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook is just a week away!


The Thug Kitchen Cookbook comes out next Tuesday, October 7, and the trailer is motherfucking delightful. Let’s do this!

Great American Beer Fest is Coming! What should we try?

Great American Beer Festival is coming to Denver this weekend, which means the whole town is pretty much gonna be just like this for four days straight:


And for the first time ever, Vegansaurus is sending a correspondent INSIDE the madhouse, to report back on all the latest and most important breaking beer news.


There’s a bear trying to break in to your convention!! Photo © Brewers Association

If any of y’all fabulous readers are going to be there, holla at me and we can trade bites of pretzel necklace.


Mine will not look this fabulous.

Otherwise, you have three responsibilities:

  1. Tune in here and to the Vegansaurus social media for updates on the bestest, most award-winning vegan beers and other shenanigans (or go straight to the source: @razpacker).
  2. Tell us what YOUR favorite vegan beer is in the comment section, so we can make sure to try it!
  3. Get sloshed on beer this weekend, in solidarity. Responsibly, of course.

[Not sure if your fave beer is vegan? It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Step 1: Check Not on there? Become a detective and email the company! You will be doing a service to all of humanity, in the name of beer.]

Thank you for joining us on this magical, fizzy, hoppy journey! Cheers!

Sep 29


October 4th: Join the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos!

imageAttention, world! The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos is Saturday, October 4th! The situation is dire: ”Africa loses 4 elephants to poachers EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY of the year. It is estimated that less than 300,000 survive today. Africa loses 3 rhinos to poachers EACH DAY; of the 5 species of rhino, less than 25,000 survive today.” And you know we love eles and rhinos!

To find where your closest march is, check here. If you’re in NYC of SF, I’ve done the work for you!  

NYC, join the FB event page and meet at 42nd Street and 12th Ave at 11am.

SF, join the FB event page and meet St. Mary’s Square (in China Town at 601 California St.) at 10:15 am. 

In conclusion, watch this baby rhino playing with this rock

Sep 26

Oats & Apples: a Comedy Benefit for NYCLASS! Tomorrow night!


Pulling carriages in Central Park is no job for a horse. But the mean and nasty “tradition” is so entrenched, it’s going to take even more hard work to rid our fair city of the practice. Why not come to a fundraiser on Saturday night to help!

Oats & Apples: A Comedy Benefit for NYCLASS takes place tomorrow night at the Players Theatre Loft on MacDougal Street in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. For just $25 you can sit back, relax and laugh at the comedic stylings of funny folks like Subhah Agarwal (New York Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival), Steve Walsh (Laughing Buddha), Lynn Bixenspan (Relationshit, UCB), Katherine Williams (New York Fringe Festival, New York Underground Comedy Festival), Phil Gable (Comedy Central) and Jake Vevera (Idiots on Parade).

Presented by Cynical Bastard Productions and hosted by Caitlin McKee, festivities get going at 7 p.m. and run until around 8:30 p.m. Short and sweet and hilarious, just the way you like it. And afterward, walk over to Sacred Chow or Blossom on Carmine to complete your animal-friendly evening..

One hundred percent of ticket sales go toward NYCLASS, a nonprofit animal advocacy organization committed to ending the inhumane NYC carriage horse industry by retiring the carriage horses to sanctuaries and replacing the carriage horse industry with the 21st Century Horseless Carriage.

Tickets here.

Oats & Apples: A Comedy Benefit for NYCLASS | Players Theatre Loft | 115 MacDougal Street | NYC 10012 | 7 PM – 8:30 PM | Saturday September 27, 2014

Nell Alk is a writer and editor based in New York City. If something #vegan is happening in the world, she is on it. Twitter with her hereInstagram with her here

Animal News You Can Use: Climate week, sloths, and Meatless Mondays.

Coinciding with Climate Week in New York, HSUS’s president, Wayne Pacelle, published a potent op-ed in New Jersey’s Star-Ledger, noting that “raising and slaughtering tens of billions of animals across the globe for food each year is right up there with coal-fired power plants in pumping heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.”

As well, the fallout from the Texas ag commissioner’s bashing of Meatless Mondays continues. Not only is Todd Staples resigning after a national backlash against his criticism of giving students meat-free meals, but the Dallas Observer pointed out this week that “the take away is that Staples is more interested in protecting big industries than he is protecting the citizens his organization was set up to serve.”

Finally, the Washington Post food editor published a powerful column this week about why he decided to become a vegetarian, noting that “my lifelong love for dogs and cats has made me want to extend that compassion to beings that used to show up on my dinner table.”

Have a good weekend!

Paul Shapiro
Vice President, Farm Animal Protection
The Humane Society of the United States
Follow at  

P.S. Video of the week: May your weekend be as relaxing as this sloth’s.

Beet pops, vegan pudding pops, instant pops: Popsicle season is never over!


If you follow me on instagram (@meganrascal adoy), you know I recently got a Zoku quick popsicle maker! IT IS THE BEST PURCHASE I MADE IN MY LIFE (not including when I bought the Sweet Sweetback’s Baaddasssss Song soundtrack on vinyl, because clearly). You keep the maker in the freezer, and then when you want a pop, you take it out, pour the juice in, and SEVEN MINUTES LATER YOU HAVE YOUR POP! I am not kidding. Anyway, so I been eating like 6 grape popsicles a day (that’s quota, right?). And life couldn’t be better. 


One day, I even got it in my head to make a vegan pudding pop!:


Kinda uggo but tasted yum! I made it with Zen almond milk chocolate pudding. Delicious! But it was kinda harder to make, fyi. 

But then I saw our man Jerry James Stone is ALL ABOUT making cray pops! I don’t think he has an Zoku (amateur) but he makes all kinds of cool pops, like these beet and berry ones:


He also makes cool boozy pops with like champagne and tequila (not in the same pop, you lush) and all kinds of neato stuff! BUT he didn’t have a red wine pop recipe. CORNY! So I tweeted to ask him about it and he said he’d make one for me! EVIDENCE:


Yet I STILL have no red wine pop recipe! While I wait eagerly by the Twitter for JJS, here are some other vegan pops I want to make:

Fudge and Pumpkin Pie popsicles from My Recession Kitchen. Pops for pumpkin season, everybody!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Coffee pops from Spabettie! HOLY CANNOLI. 

And Coconut Chai pops from Food Doodles! (Has honey but could easily sub a simple syrup for that.)

There you go! Those are my fall plans right there! In conclusion: if you are a true popsicle fan, you need a Zoku. 

Sep 24

The Spooky Vegan has an excellent round-up of all the vegan pumpkin shiz at Trader Joe’s right now, including VEGAN PUMPKIN ROLLS BRB EATING EVERYTHING. 
Of course, I’ve already added this to the Trader Joe’s vegan eats Pinterest board, which is the best. 

The Spooky Vegan has an excellent round-up of all the vegan pumpkin shiz at Trader Joe’s right now, including VEGAN PUMPKIN ROLLS BRB EATING EVERYTHING. 

Of course, I’ve already added this to the Trader Joe’s vegan eats Pinterest board, which is the best. 

Los Angeles: Vegan Oktoberfest Is Almost Here! Get Your Tickets! DO IT.

You guys. YOU GUYS. Vegan Oktoberfest is coming to Los Angeles and it’s gonna be SO DELICIOUS. There’s gonna be a shitton (technical term) of beer and food for you to indulge in on Saturday, October 4th in Santa Monica! Let’s do this!


Vegan Oktoberfest will feature delicious, traditional Bavarian food that just happens to be vegan. We’re talking sausages, pretzels, potato pancakes, chicken, sauerkraut, ice cream, and many more delectable delights including gluten free options! 


Participating breweries include: Ninkasi Brewing, Einstock, The Dudes’, Lammsbrau, Sierra Nevada, Venice Duck Brewery, Four Sons Brewery, Karl Strauss, Eel River, Ace Ciders, Epic Brewing, Modern Times, Bison Organic Beer, Oskar Blues, Drake’s, Coronado Brewing, Angel City, Golden Road, Anderson Valley, Saint Archer, Bravery, Lagunitas, Hangar 24, and more to come!  And don’t worry there will be gluten free beer and cider available.


Get your tickets now and we’ll see you there to EAT AND DRINK ERRYTHING. Prost! (That’s how you cheers in German. I think.) (I’m hella worldly.)

A question for the fashion world: Who do we love, who do we wear?

imageThe Brave Gentleman himself!

Meave and I had to pleasure of attending the recent Brave Gentleman Fashion Week pop-up event at the Alexander Gray Associates gallery. To kick off the event, Joshua Katcher gave a talk about fashion and animals. Turns out, not only has Joshua been teaching a course at Parsons, he’s got a book in the works! The book will discuss the role of animals in fashion and the talk was a bit of a preview of what’s to come. 

We’ve all heard the question, “why love one, but eat the other?" But, addressing the world of fashion, Joshua poses a different question: who do we love, who do we wear?


This is the image that started it all. A woman, adorned in fur, is also covered in kittens. Then Joshua showed us image after image from fashion spreads throughout history with this same trope: women in furs, posed with (usually young and adorable) living animals. I loved the way Joshua phrased it; on the one hand, we have these sweet animals we can all fawn over, and on the other hand there is an animal “who has disappeared in the fashion object.” People don’t even see the animal. It’s just leather, fur, etc. 

Of course this brings us to the cognitive dissonance we come across daily with people and what they choose to eat. But Joshua points out, that same cognitive dissonance shows up in fashion over and over. He even had an old fashion photo of a woman with a pet skunk…wearing a dead skunk fur!

The talk was great and I can’t wait for the book to come out! I might break my strict “ew, books!” policy just for this occasion. After Joshua spoke, we all got to see his latest collection. As always, the garments aren’t just vegan and beautiful, they are environmentally friendly and sweatshop-free. 

imagePhoto by Damani Moyd Photography.

imagePhoto by Damani Moyd Photography. From the left: Tyler James, model; Alexander Gray and David Cabrera, co-founders Alexander Gray Associates Gallery; Joshua Katcher, Brave GentleMan; Andre Watson and Declan Cullen, models, Q Model Management.


The above jacket was the star of the night! As Alexander Gray Associates are big supporters of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Brave Gentleman created this vegan, one-of-a-kind cow print biker jacket for the gallery to sell and donate the proceeds to WFAS. The jacket is made from super hi-tech recycled ultrasuede and priced at $1000. I’m not certain if it’s still available, but if you’re at all interested, I would contact Brave Gentleman asap.  


And what would a fancy vegan event be without a fancy vegan spread? NOTHING! Luckily, Brave Gentleman understands. We got to try Miyoko Schinner’s new vegan cheese line AND go to town on some vegan macaron’s by Sweet Maresa’s! The cheese was amazing and the macarons were like awesome brownies with cream in the middle. 

Basically, Meave and I are dead from over vegan stimulation. RIP, us. All I ask now is that you bury me in the latest Brave Gentleman and tell my mother I said, “it was totally worth it!”