Gordon Ramsay takes on shark-finning again. I don’t know much about celebrity chefs and I’m sure Ramsay is not America’s Next Top Vegan but this video is pretty awesome.

Ramsay is kind of a thug. Most of the video is him with people involved in shark-finning or anti-shark-finning but there is some graphic footage of sharks being killed. Another good thing to note is the video sheds some light on long-line fishing; like Ramsay says, it’s “indiscriminate,” as he pulls up a large sea turtle. At the end, he shows his footage to chefs from several Chinese restaurants in Britain. He gets them to agree to stop selling shark fin soup! That’s nice. 

Of course I would love it if Ramsay were vegan and opposed all forms of animal abuse but the fact is that he’s not. But because he’s not, it’s easier for him to preach to the mainstream. Like that Steve Martin movie where someone is like, “you’re a big sinner!” and he’s like, “that’s why you can listen to me!”

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