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I am not a raw-foodist, nor do I suffer from celiac disease. I did spend a solid year “eating less wheat,” but that year I was also involved in two terrible relationships and constantly going for a run and drinking low-calorie soymilk—we file that year under “personal crises” and try not to think about it very much.

People with legitimate gluten issues, however, can’t just hop back on the bread train (the most delicious train) when they get sick of avoiding wheat. That’s why there are companies like A Couple Smart Cookies, which makes three flavors of vegan gluten-free cookies for your wheatless enjoyment.

A Couple Smart Cookies sent me their three-flavor variety pack to sample. They make fudge squared, a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips; peanut butter loves chocolate chip, a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips; and pumpkin dates cherry, a pumpkin cookie with dried cherry pieces. They’re small, like the size of a silver dollar and about half an inch thick, and soft.

After sampling them around my household, we decided we liked the pumpkin dates cherry the best: It’s lightly spiced, not too sweet, and is full-flavored without overwhelming. The fudge squared came second: It’s quite chocolatey, but something about the gluten-free flour, maybe, made it taste a little off, like, a little salty and a little, I don’t know, gritty? Almost perfect but not quite. The peanut butter was no one’s favorite: Way too chewy, it doesn’t really taste of peanut butter, and all the cookies in the tub stuck together so much that separating them was unpleasant.

Still! The pumpkin was good, like, without qualification, and I would definitely recommend them to the gluten-abstainers of the world. Maybe a few recipe tweaks and the peanut butter and fudge flavors will improve. They’re sweetened with dehydrated cane juice and dates, and the flour is rice (see the full ingredients lists here). I really don’t have much experience with gluten-free products, but these seem pretty all right. Again, I think they’ll be better once the peanut butter and fudge flavors catch up to the pumpkin, but the pumpkin is quite tasty.

You can buy any and all of A Couple Smart Cookies’ flavors online, or at health food stores/co-ops/places that know what’s up in California. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to track their progress, or tell them you love them, or whatever you use those sites for. Fun? Fun!

My sincere apologies for not taking pictures, but presently at my house we have no fully functional digital cameras. Thanks very much to A Couple Smart Cookies for sending me their three flavors free of charge to try.

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