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When Emily of PureFit sent me free samples of some of their nutrition bars, OF COURSE I ate them all. I love food, doy! But although the bars are nutritious and taste all right, I don’t know if they qualify as food. Every flavor I received has the word “crunch” in the title—Granola Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch, Almond Crunch, and Berry Almond Crunch—but I was disappointed to learn that they were not, in fact, that crunchy. They reminded me of PowerBar's old formula, which had gone out of style by the time I was in high school.
Although I was bored by the blandness and disturbing, flesh-colored appearance of the Almond and Peanut Butter, I very much enjoyed the other two flavors. I love finding dried berries in things, so Berry Almond Crunch had added sweetness and texture. The winner, however, was Granola Crunch.

I realize this review is starting to sound like a late-20th-century flashback, but this bar tasted like Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, upon which I have fond memories of chowing down after a heartbreaking lazy grueling game of Little League Soccer.

Regarding nutrition, the main advantage PureFit bars have over my personal favorite, Clif Builders, is gluten-freedom. Also, while Larabar and the like might taste a bit more similar to food, PureFit offers a heck of a lot more protein. So, celiacs and PowerBar-lovers who want to bulk up, look out for these!

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