Dino Bike raised $521 for Hazel’s surgery last Sunday night! NOT BAD. We rocked out(-ish) and gave away delicious mini red velvet cupcakes from Fat Bottom Bakery that were a hit GODDAMN THOSE LADIES CAN BAKE. Good times were had by all (we hope?)!

Anyway, that’s video of our Top Gun medley. As you can see, it’s totally insane and disturbing. Fun fact: I’m playing the tambourine on the iPad! Another fun fact: Abby and Mark have formed an offshoot band, Harold & Patsy! They combine the sweet stylings of the ukulele & the omnichord to create a magical musical experience. Seriously, they’re amazing. I’m hoping to link their performance of a mash-up of “Kids” by MGMT with several Disney princess songs. JUST OMG.

UPDATE: Here, thanks to the video skills of our Steve (and the copious-time-having of Meave), is the debut performance of Harold & Patsy!

[can’t see this video? watch it at!]

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