Party at VegNews for awesome new vegan cookbook!  »

First, I LOVE ANIMATED GIFS. Second, we’re all totally going to this party, right? I mean, I am for sure. There’s a Cinnaholic cinnamon bun bar. A BAR of CINNAMON BUNS. Did I stutter!? I am gonna lay down and have them literally bury me in cinnamon buns and then eat my way out while you all watch in horror/admiration. I will be your new queen! Imagine the possibilities!

Oh yeah, the party is for Spork-Fed, the Spork Sister’s first book! I’ve heard that it’s ridiculously adorable and filled with tons of delicious recipes. Plus, everyone who meets those girls falls immediately in love and wants to be/marry them, so right away we have a lot in common. Except they have a book deal and a cinnamon bun bar. How have I failed so badly when I’ve had every advantage!? Damn my crippling laziness and intellectual handicaps.

Anyway, buy your tickets ($35 and includes a copy of the book!) so we can relax on VegNews’s gorgeous rooftop in the mission, drink hella champagne, eat all the food, and be the best together!

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