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I’ve heard that one sign of a truly great chef is the ability to make an amazing salad. For me, the salad is the thing you have to get through to get to the FOOD. I can appreciate a salad and even when dieting, order one as a meal (I disgust myself) but it’s rarely the dish that stands out. At least for me. I’m sure there is some argumentative asshole out there who will say otherwise but you’re a liar and I’ll erase your comment anyway THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.


The salad at Brassica Supper Club is amongst the best tasting things I’ve ever eaten. It was deliciousness saladified. Baby dino kale, avocado, pickled onions, toasted pumpkin seeds, and the most outrageous creamy orange vinagrette. This is a salad that could go head-to-head with a plate of french fries in the Deliciousness Battle Supreme. It would lose but still, to battle a french fry? One could say you have arrived.

I think I’ve done a good enough job describing the salad so that you don’t get a picture. Instead, enjoy one of the really, really good white bean puree, roasted baby root veggies, and ramp gremolata soup! Also, I do not have a picture of the salad.

Unfortunately for you, the menu at Brassica Supper Club, a brand new kinda-restaurant in San Francisco, is always changing so you’ll never get to experience the magic that was this salad*. Fortunately for you, the three talented chefs behind Brassica are already planning future events. What’s an Underground Supper Club, Laura? Well, Village Freaks, Losers, & Outcasts, it’s a group of people (in this case, chefs who cut their teeth at Millennium, Cafe Gratitude and the short lived, ill-fated but always tasty Usual Suspects Cafe) who open their home and kitchen to you in return for some help with the cost of food. At Brassica, you pay $35 (that’s not including tip, Scrooge McDuck!) and you get a truly excellent, gourmet meal. You sit on the floor (pillows for your buttocular region) and eat off low tables. The meal service includes tea (this really insanely good stuff called latte mate that tastes like chocolate and rooibos and almonds and is the shit TRUST) and water (if you want to drink, you can bring wine or beer or boones or jack, whatevs! They have glasses and there is no corkage fee) and four courses of awesomeness. I’ll spare you the details of our meal because it will only serve to make you insanely jealous and insanely hungry. Just know that these kids know what they’re doing and that it’s as fine a meal as I’ve ever had at Millennium. Oh and the meal ended with this OUTRAGEOUS vanilla cake layered with tangerine mousse and covered in a rich chocolate ganache and then drizzled with macadamia cream. Sorry, I had to.

The chefs are all vegan and that adds a whole nother level of greatness because you know the money is going to support vegans and especially vegans who are obsessed with good food. I find that particularly inspiring and that’s impressive because I’ve pretty much given up. It’s so cool that Carmen, Edward and Mark (your chefs/hosts/builders of The Dream) are SO into food and just happen to be vegan and want to make exceptional, exciting, fantastic vegan food. That is something I want to support. Activism through eating, deeeelicious. Not only that, the other guests are like-minded people who you can always turn to for excellent conversation when you can’t stand looking at your significant other FOR ONE MORE FUCKING SECOND I TOLD YOU TO STOP BREATHING LIKE FIFTEEN MINUTES AGO**!!

The upcoming events are posted here and I suggest you make reservations as soon as you can. The place is going to be a vegan sensation soon enough and you’ll definitely want to get in on the ground floor. Plus, if you’re lucky, maybe the chefs will give you a post dinner tutorial on how to make avocado milkshakes, complete with generous samples.

All photos courtesy of the lovely Sharon!


**Of course I’m not talking about Jonas as he is the best ever but I can imagine your relationship is not as solid and loving.

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