Doughbot brings crazy-flavored vegan doughnuts (donuts?) to Sacramento!  »

There’s a new dougnut (donut?) shop in Sacramento. It’s called Doughbot and they have many vegan varieties! Woohoo! They specialize in crazy flavors that people lose their shit for. Like, you know how regular ice cream tastes delicious and everyone is like, “Ice cream, woo!” and then Humphrey Slocombe and Bi-Rite Creamery opened up and started putting shit like old batteries and blood pudding in ice cream and everyone was all, “ICE CREAM GIVE IT TO ME I WILL WAIT IN LINE FOR SEVEN DAYS FOR A SCOOP OF VANILLA ICE CREAM WITH CORN FLAKES AND HOBO URINE IT’S SO PRECIOUS AND UNIQUE.”

Remember that!? Doughbot is bringing the nutso flavors and lucky for us vegans, we can eat lots of them. Since I’m a spoiled American who is tired of stupid old vanilla and chocolate and must have all sorts of shit stuffed into everything I eat, I’ll probably indulge in the bood orange glazed and Mounds of Joy varieties because they sound fucking delicioso. Anyone been? Can you confirm or deny?

Other than that, check out their super cute splash page and logo:

You can follow them on Twitter for constant doughnut updates. Don’t mind if I do! Sacramento, I ain’t mad at you!

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