Southern Comfort Dinner at Millennium!  »

Once a year fancy-shmancy Millennium turns into a trailer trash hootenany. It’s called the Southern Comfort Dinner and it’s a meal you don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of foods like FRIED EVERYTHING and SUNDAE BARS. If you don’t have an eating disorder (or are looking to start one! ‘Tis the season!), I’ll see you on May 21st! I’ll be the girl who keeps eating through the pain; they just shouldn’t give people like me access to an all-you-can-eat dessert bar. It’s just bad for business.

click here for the menu from last year.

click here to see the appetizers from last year and here for the “catfish” po’ boy! Oh and don’t forget the DRANKS! Love, I know thy name and it is $5 mint julep!

Make reservations because the dinner fills up FAST! Vegans ain’t stupid, we need our fatty fried food fix just like the rest of you assholes!

AND FINALLY I PRESENT TO YOU, the Sundae Bar in action:

PS: As is sort of evident from the above photo, the waitstaff really take the “trailer trash” theme seriously, and they dress the part to EXTREMES. You can too! Wifebeaters are unisex and uni-trashy.

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