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Go Max Go has released a line of vegan candy bars that are the Designer Imposters of the sweet treat world! And much like PRIMO smelled exactly like Giorgio, these candy bars are pretty g-d close to the originals. They have the Buccaneer (vegan 3 Musketeers), Twilight (vegan Milky Way), Mahalo (vegan Almond Joy) and Jokerz (vegan Snickers)! We conducted a taste test at Vegansaurus HQ with three of the bars, and here are our results:

Buccaneer Bar (vegan 3 Musketeers)
Joel: A little gummy, denser than I remember the original but delicately sweet. Chocolate shell is convincingly milky, that is, tastes like nothing much.

Meave: Darker nougat, a little grainy, though of near-equal fluffiness—high quality. Exterior missing signature diamond pattern. Chocolate is very milky and sweet—quite accurate. Overall, excellent. Have very pleasant memories of devouring original; would attempt to repeat with this one.

Jonas: Tastes right. nougat stuff is perfect. outside maybe flakier?

Laura: Delicious!!

Twilight Bar (vegan Milky Way)
Joel: Surprisingly accurate to how I remember it. Least visually appealing but it has just the same unctuousness that causes the entire gob to slide down your throat involuntarily when you try to swallow a little bit [Ed. note: I almost puked typing that]. That sounds pretty bad [Ed. note: at least he realizes it] but it’s just how Milky Ways are.

Meave: Initial exterior is ugly. The 50/50 caramel/nougat ratio seems heavy—was Milky Way more 30/70? Caramel tastes oddly of vanilla; needs salt. Nougat still excellent.

Jonas: Caramel taste is too strong. Too much caramel. Too gooey.

Laura: Delicious!!

Mahalo (vegan Almond Joy)
Joel: So good. Not as overstuffed with coconut as it should be but the filling? JUST RIGHT. Honestly, in Almond Joy vs. Mounds, the nut just distract. But the coconut is all that I want and more.

Meave: I admit prejudice against Almond Joy, which I always hated. Same prejudice applies—can only assume is accurate replica. Again “milk” chocolate is good but I can’t stand the sickening-sweet coconut filling. Blech.

Jonas: Really good! Really sweet!

Laura: DELICIOUS!!! This tastes so much like Almond Joy (aka THE BEST CANDY BAR EVER), it’s ridiculous.

The bars average $2.50 on the these sites and it’s well worth keeping a stash in your candy drawer*. What I think is pretty impressive about the bars is how they got that cheap candy bar flavor down. Most of the vegan chocolate that’s available is dark and I gotta be honest, it just doesn’t do it for me. Before I was vegan, I liked CHEAP chocolate, I’m talking Russell Stover CLASSAY—the more waxy and not-quite-a-real-food-tasting the better. These candy bars fill that spot quite nicely. It’s worth the extra money to eat something that is pretty right on AND supports a vegan-owned business. I’m into it.

*Does anyone still have a candy drawer? And if you do, isn’t it just filled with sex toys? Well, time to Take Back the Candy Drawer and fill it with chocolate. Or chocolate and sex toys. Peg Bundy-style, y’all.

All photos courtesy of the awesome Joel!

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