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Daiya Cheese has taken the vegan world by storm. I mean, I think. I haven’t been able to find much out about it on the internets but I know this shit looks amazing and whoever can invent a truly amazing melty, stretchy vegan cheese will do more for veganism than anyone ever. Lofty statement, I know but HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES have you heard, “But I couldn’t live without cheese!” As if cheese were air! Or human touch! Or POTATOES! Well, it’s not. It’s just fucking cheese, it’s nasty, moldy milk from a cow’s teet, you foul freak. Anyway, with Daiya, we finally have something that can at least run with the big (cheese) dogs.

Daiya Cheese is based in Canada and until recently, was only being sold at a few restaurants in Vancouver. About a month ago*, Pangea started selling Daiya and we were ON IT.

Daiya Cheese is interesting because it’s not soy-based**, the main ingredient is CASSAVA. Crazy, right?? Other ingredients include arrowroot and pea protein. I don’t know what all that’s about but i do know that this stuff MELTS and this stuff STRETCHES and it’s GOOD. We made some grilled cheese sandwiches at Vegansaurus HQ and we were all pretty excited. Meave says, “Tastes like grilled cheese from Carrows ca. 1989. Very good. Quite salty.” Joel says, “Stretchiness is great. The flavor isn’t as perfectly cheddary as Follow Your Heart, but the texture is spot-on. This, friends, is a grilled cheese sandwich!” From Jonas, “Best vegan cheddar I’ve had, better than Teese and Follow Your Heart, which are kind-of nasty. Tasty, cheesy and stretchy!”

*Just checked Pangea and it looks like it’s sold out. Arg! I hope it comes back soon! When it does come back, you have to order it with a freezy pack and get fast shipping. I recommend ordering a large amount and then freezing some of it so that you can make the most of the ridonkulous shipping costs.

**Actually, the site says all this:
Daiya has 33 percent less fat than typical cheese! It is cholesterol-free; trans-fat-free; dairy-free; free of all animal products—vegan/parve; free of artificial Ingredients; free of preservatives; free of common allergens, including soy, casein, lactose, whey, wheat, barley, corn, rice, gluten, nut.

I would think it was chemical death if I didn’t already know that it’s made with cassava and arrowroot…making this basically a whole, healthy food. At 88 calories for an ounce serving…not bad. NOT BAD AT ALL.

All photos courtesy of the awesome Joel! Actual sandwiches by Meave.

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