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HOLY CRAP, THEY’RE HERE! We’re (obviously) very excited to announce that we’re selling our first ever Vegansaurus shirts! I’ll copy and paste the info from our shirts! page below, but we’re selling a limited quantity and only through Friday, Oct. 14 (that’s only TWO WEEKS!) so you should probably get up on this as soon as you get paid. Arg! I cannot tell you how excited/proud we are that you’ll hopefully be sensually sporting these all over town. 

Here’s how it’ll work:

1) You choose your favorite size and style of shirt(s). There’s either mens/unisex (s-xxxl) or fitted lady (s-xl).
2) You let us know your shirt style selection when you pay. There are two ways to do that! Either via the Amazon button on the shirts page. So easy, the future! Or, you can use 
PayPaljust send $25 to laura AT vegansaurus DOT com!
3) Once we shut down ordering, we’ll get to printing (silk-screened right here in San Francisco by vegan artists The Lords of Print)! Then we’ll get to shipping! So it’ll take about a month to get your shirt but then you will be so sexy! 

From the shirts! page:
The official Vegansaurus t-shirt has landed from planet Great Stuff! It’s the pink dino (designed by Jonas Madden-Connor) in sexy silhouette. So sexy, so you. Limited time, limited quantity, fully awesome.

The shirt is printed on non-sweatshoppy shirts right here in San Francisco by vegan artists, The Lords of Print. It’s $25, which includes shipping (!!!) in the United States (email us if you live somewhere exotic and fresh and we’ll work it out), and 30 percent of the profits from each sale goes to the wonderful Harvest Home Sanctuary. The rest of the money will be reinvested into future Vegansaurus artistic endeavors (we’ve got big plans!). And maybe we’ll buy some cupcakes or illegal fireworks or something else really great.

About the actual shirts: They’re Alternative Apparel basic tee in asphalt grey in either mens/unisex (s-xxxl) or fitted lady (s-xl) so you know they’re 1) hella cute and 2) not sewn from children’s tears and/or Dov Charney’s penis’ ego.

Order before Friday, Oct. 14 and give pink dino shirts to everyone you know for the holidays. Hell, if your family is used to getting copies of Meet Your Meat, this gift is a step toward re-kindling relationships!

Finally, I like to pretend the above animated .gif is of the same person, first slouching and then, BAM: boobs a-popping. Fun!

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