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Vegan Marshmallows have garnered some controversy in the past. First there were those vegan marshmallows that weren’t actually vegan and then there were the ones that were hella tasty but aquired by Whole Foods who DISCONTINUED THE VEGAN MARSHMALLOWS AND REPLACED THEM WITH BOILED PIG SKIN MARSHMALLOWS THE NERVE.

But now we have two accessible replacements on the market. PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE S’MORES! To determine which marshmallows were worthy of your dime (er, many, many dimes, this ain’t coming cheap!), Vegansaurus recently conducted a taste test with both Sweet and Sara and Dandies. The things we do for you people.



Okay, enough of that. So we decided to do two very scientific side-by-side taste-tests of the marshmallows, in 1) their solid(ish) state; and then 2) microwaved for a couple seconds, stopping the microwave ATTHEEXACTRIGHTMOMENT before they are set to explode, and sampled when all warm and gooey. Science is Delicious.

Dandies were fluffier but had this weird grainy thing going on. It felt like you were biting into sweet, fluffy sugar…a little cotton candy-ish. Maybe cotton candy mixed with sand. But denser. Does that make sense? They were good but were not the same as the jet-puffed campfire marshmallows I thought they would be. Sweet and Sara were denser, but the texture was smooth and perfect. These are like sweet, delicious marshmallow cakes. I love them.

Both ballooned up when microwaved. That’s when Sweet and Sara turned into a real marshmallow, the kind that when melted in hot chocolate would fool anyone. Dandies were tasty but maintained the weird graininess. I’m sure they would both make excellent Rice Krispie treats because they both melt well, and the graininess of the Dandies would surely be less evident when mixed with Krispies deliciousness, but for my money, the Sweet and Sara marshmallows remain the better foodstuff. They are a LEETLE more expensive, but worth it. Besides, you don’t need to be eating marshmallows for breakfast, lunch and dinner unless you’re this guy (weirdo cannibalism involved).

In the SF Bay Area, you can get Sweet and Sara at all Whole Foods, Real Foods on Polk, and Rainbow, or you can buy them on their site. According to the Dandie’s website, they’re currently only available online at Vegan Essentials.

Finally, The cast of Lost is way into Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows, check out Hurley’s post here. Don’t read the comments, they will make you want to murder the world.

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