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You know what’s fucking ridiculous? The fact that it’s almost 2012. It was JUST 1998, am I right?! How the hell are we almost living in the future!? I can’t handle this passage of time bullshit. Like sand through the fucking hour glass, so our the days of fucking lives passing us the fuck by.

Since it’s later in the year, that means time to talk turkey! More specifically, petting turkeys and feeding them cranberries (they love ‘em!). Harvest Home Sanctuary (one of our favorites!) is having their second annual Toast to the Turkeys Celebration on Saturday, Nov. 12 in honor of their rescued turkeys. You’ll get to poke around the sanctuary and hug everyone, have delicious vegan food and drink, and PARTY WITH THE TURKEYS. Ain’t no party like a turkey party ‘cause a turkey party has TURKEYS EATING CRANBERRIES.

Harvest Home Sanctuary is really wonderful, they provide excellent care to nearly 200 animals at their rescue and rehabilitation center in Stockton. If I were a rescued animal, I would totally want them to take care of me. It’s the lap of luxury!

Since Vegansaurus is an official sponsor, we will also be there; you can meet us and steal locks of our hair. So fun! If you want to join us in sponsoring the event, email Christine for more details! To buy tickets, head here.

Also, this is really cool: Woop Studios (the Harry Potter series* graphic designers!) created a turkey print for Harvest Home in honor of the event. A portion of the print sales will benefit their work so if you want rad art and want to support an amazing sanctuary, you will buy me yourself me AND yourself one today!

*HEARD OF THEM!? Well, maybe you haven’t.

[The turkey in the photo from last year’s celebration is named BURL: 1) Best name for a turkey ever; 2) How can people eat turkeys!? They’re little dinosaurs! A dinosaur will fuck your shit up!]

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