Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Dessert Party TONIGHT!  »

The always fantastic VegNews magazine is hosting an Urban Dessert Soiree tonight at CandyBar in San Francisco, featuring desserts from Ani Phyo’s new cookbook, Ani’s Raw Food Desserts. You can find me there tonight eating my weight in pie. Unfortunately, the event is sold out (what is with me and posting sold out events?! I am the worst!) but you should add your name to the VegNews Newsletter to be notified of upcoming events like this first! And in the future, I’ll post about them before they’re sold out PROMISE.

If I won’t see you tonight, FEAR NOT! The lovely ladies over at Cupcakes Take the Cake have published one of the recipes from the book, Chocolate Crunch Cupcakes with Molten Mint Frosting! Most likely when you hear the words “raw” and “dessert” combined, you also think GET IT AWAY FROM ME, but after sampling some of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten in my life at raw restaurants like Cafe Gratitude, this recipe looks pretty g-d tasty. Plus, no oven! This is good for certain friends of mine who use their ovens to store extra clothes. True story.

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