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What comes to mind when you think of god (or God, depending) showing signs that he exists? Is it a bleeding statue of the virgin Mary somewhere? Is it the face of Jesus in a potato, a pice of toast, or a grain of wood?

Whatever you are thinking, YOU ARE WRONG!

When some higher power decides to prove he (or she. I don’t know!) is the real deal and kicking it up in the sky somewhere he (or, again, she) knows that the way to get our attention is with ADORABLE KITTENS. And the way to do that is by writing CAT in the FUR OF A CAT! How meta is that?!

Polly is a tabby, and apparently all tabbies have an “M” on their foreheads, which has something to do with the virgin Mary and/or the prophet Mohammed. Polly was recently adopted from a local shelter and is now enjoying the high life with a middle-aged British couple.

Just another reason why adopting animals from shelters is awesome. If rescuing an animal who has not has had an awesome life isn’t enough, now you can look forward to messages from god. AND ADORABLENESS!

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