PETA messes with aggro CEO  »

Today in pointless news, we discover that PETA sent some PR company CEO a case of soy milk. The guy said he’d fire the next person who uses the last of the milk in the office refrigerator without replacing it, so PETA got wind of this and sent a bunch of soy milk with this note: “To help alleviate your office’s milk shortage, assist in your company’s stated goal of promoting employee responsibility while decreasing selfishness, and reduce animal suffering, PETA is sending the Beckerman Public Relations headquarters several cartons of delicious soy milk.”

HAHAHAHA what? Cute, PETA, but like, is this where my donation money goes? I feel like it could be better spent, even though this PR fellow is clearly an asshole. Maybe I’m taking it too seriously. What do you guys think?

[Photo credit: Catchword Branding]

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