Get tickets RIGHT NOW: Burgers & Beers event at Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley to benefit Harvest Home Sanctuary!  »

On Sunday, Oct. 23, from 6 to 10 p.m., Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley is hosting a benefit party for Stockton’s rad animal rescue, Harvest Home Sanctuary. The rest of this post will be almost entirely stolen from my post over at SF Weekly. Here goes! 

The evening will mainly involve eating tasty vegan burgers and piles of fries, and drinking gallons and gallons of beer. What could be better? All the money raised goes to help animals rescued from shitty factory farms or shelters. A ticket buys you a burger and fries, with beer a little extra. Fortunately, all money raised goes to Harvest Home, so you can feel good about indulging your drinking problem.

At the event, you’ll have the chance to meet the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary Half Marathon Team, and sign up to join them. Really good marketing on their part because you’ll be all fat and drunk and they’ll be like, “Fatty! Get up on this!” and you’ll be all, “I don’t want to die before I’m 30!” Done and DONE!

Harvest Home strongly recommends buying your $15 tickets online, so then they know how many tickets to tell Pyramid, ya know? So get up on that!

Let’s all hope the burger looks something like the plant burger because I hella want to eat one so badly right now this very minute:

[photo from Ed U. on Yelp via SFoodie!]

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