CONTEST CLOSED. Vegansaurus Giveaway: VIP Tickets to VegNews Book Bash with Spork Foods! (HELLO, there’s a Cinnaholic cinnamon bun BAR)  »

Contest closed! The winners are Brandi and Rachel! We will contact you soon!! Yay!! If you didn’t win, never fear! There are options:

1) If you want to volunteer at the party, they’re in need of a handful of volunteers and you get:

1—A free tik

2—Free food and drinks

3—A free signed copy of Spork-Fed

4—A free VegNews tee

Email cholland AT vegnews DOT com if you’re interested!

2) You can still buy tickets here!



Great news! Vegansaurus has just secured four VIP tickets to the VegNews Book Bash with Spork Foods, despite the event’s being almost sold-out! We have connections, what can I say. I am going to be at the party (I’ll be under the Cinnaholic cinnamon bun bar), and I hope you will, too! We’re giving away two pairs of these coveted tickets, which include sumptuous vegan appetizers, all-you-can drink cocktails, a signed copy of the brand-new Spork-Fed cookbook, all the photobooth photos you can take, and, yes, the aforementioned cinnamon bun bar. And this all takes place on VegNews' gorgeous rooftop deck in the Mission. Seriously, it's the prettiest and most glamourous place in this filth-ball city!

We’re gonna give them out in sets of two. That’s two sets of two VIP tickets, if my math is correct! For a chance to win, just tell me what your current favorite vegan cookbook is (side note: did you see that Vegan Pie in the Sky is out?! So exciting! Buy a million copies! Plus, we’ve heard there are recipes for OLIVE OIL CRUST and MIND-BLOWING CHEESECAKES. Hello!), and I’ll draw two winners this Friday at 5 p.m.. That’s in TWO DAYS! So get to stepping! The same day we stop selling our t-shirts! And the Vegucated tickets giveaway ends! Friday is a big day!! Please only enter if you can definitely make the party (Friday, Oct. 21 at 6 p.m.). More details here! Now, enter!

Plus, we’ll get to hang out? How awesome will that be?? The answer is: VERY AWESOME because I am like, the cutest, coolest, sexiest, smartest, most down-to-earth lady you’ll ever have the pleasure of lying under a cinnamon bun bar with. Let’s do this!

Finally, let’s drool over the Cinnaholic cinnamon bun below and dream up our most favorite topping combo would be. Oh! If you don’t want to tell me your favorite vegan cookbook, let me know your favorite cinnamon roll topping combo OMG SO FUN.

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