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Craig Grant is the totally awesome man who created Caboodle Ranch in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., where over 600 cats reside. There was a time when he didn’t even like cats! But when his son went off to college, he left his cat with Craig. Craig soon learned the cat was preggers and ended up with five kittens. He wanted to give the kittens away but his son told him they had to stay with the mother for at least eight weeks; lo and behold, eight weeks later, Craig was in love.

And this is not a hoarding situation; all the cats have plenty of space, are well-fed, spayed or neutered and they have a doctor that comes out for regular vet visits. These cats are living the life! From the “about us” section:

Caboodle Ranch is now a permanent sanctuary for cats who have been kicked around by heartless people. There are many sad stories between all the cats I’ve taken in. Some almost starved to death, some of them wounded strays. I’ve seen many locked in cages for months in animal shelters and have taken in some of those too.
Cats should be able to roam free, and at Caboodle Ranch, that’s what they do. We are in the middle of 100 acres of wildlife. The cats follow me through the nature trails that I put in and maintain, they climb in tree forts that I’ve built and hide in underground dens I’ve dug for them.
These animals need our help. If you’d like to help with donations of any kind, please contact me using the contact information I’ve provided on this website.

How great is that?! The cats are way too adorable and the little houses are the bomb. And all the cats are totally in love with Craig. There’s a zillion pictures of the cats just chilling all over Craig. Of course I looked at every single picture but I’m trying to be conservative and not put them all up, so here are some cute ones (but there are plenty more on the site!).

Chilling at city hall:

Hanging out at the lake front condos with Craig:

Like it says above, they need donations. They also need volunteers! They get lots of visitors but they need the kind that come back. Any readers in Florida? It would be so fun! Am I the only one that totally wants to pick up and move to Caboodle Ranch? I call one of the condos! Make way for Megan!

[Thanks to @shopfriendlier for the tip!]

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