Gorilla does something lovable once again, briefly redeeming inhumanity of zoo  »

There is nothing cuter than an animal being adorable with a tech gadget. When I was still running a menagerie out of my room I was always trying to get my hamsters and guinea pigs to take interest in the newest Game Boy advance offerings or to help me with the buttons of the first-generation DS Lite. Unfortunately, they were not into it, and preferred to urinate all over my lap instead of trying to assist me with daring princess-rescues and magical planet-saving. Selfish bastards!
Fortunately, I now know that next time I want an awesome animal to play with, I should count on a Gorilla. Because Gorillas will get down on some Tetris.
Check out these pictures (and this short video!) of Bawang, a Gorilla at the San Francisco Zoo playing with a DSi XL that some kid dropped into its cage. The article says Bawang eventually lost interest in the game, but I assure you that’s only because she has good taste, and recognizes that the DSi XL is a clunky, oversized, and fairly useless upgrade. If that kid had dropped a DSi into the enclosure, he would have had to wrestle his system from Bawang’s and her (adopted) daughter son Hasani’s clutches.

[photo by Christina Spicuzza; for the full set, visit her Flickr!]

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