Top Chef: Just Desserts, episode two airs tonight, and our second chef is revealed!  »

The second episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts airs on Bravo tonight (10 Eastern/Pacific), which means that we’re ready to unveil our second guest chef (uh, the first guest chef was me even though I’m neither a guest or a chef! but check it out, I veganized a pretty rad dessert!) who will veganize the episode’s winning dessert! Have you been able to bear the suspense? We have, but just barely! 

This week’s guest chef is the MOST AMAZING Janet Hudson of Vegan Feast Catering in San Diego! Janet updates her Tumblr multiple times a day (like us! high five!) and has a huge following on Flickr, because she is not only an accomplished chef, but a talented food photographer. She’s also very generous; although she’s already published one cookbook (buy it!) and is in the process of publishing another, she regularly shares her recipes and techniques with her readers. We’ve featured her amazing food a few times, and once she created a recipe just for us! We are the luckiest! And also, the pushiest!

Janet has been vegan for over 15 years, and has obviously picked up the skillz to pay the billz during that time. Seriously, if you ever want to stare compulsively at a computer screen for hours on end, you’ll tape a picture of my adorable mug to it. Awww…. BUT REALLY FOLKS, you’ll check out her Flickr stream—it’s as prolific as it is delicious! We’re all winners!

We’re honored to have Janet veganize tonight’s dessert, whatever insane concoction it might be. Hopefully it won’t involve some horrible combination like lard and licorice. But if it did (and it might! Top Chef is so crafty!), Janet could do it, she is amazing! Next Monday, we’ll reveal her dessert and the recipe so you can all go forth and conquer TV food in your own home. Ow!

AND FINALLY, here is a video of one of the contestants flipping out about something ridiculous. KILL YOUR TELEVISION. I kid, watch the show and play along!

[can’t see the video? watch it at!]

*Just like last week, no one is paying us to watch or promote this show. If someone decides to give us money to do this, we’ll let you know!

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