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I meant to post this last month but I been busy looking for an apartment! But I totes found one and I’m back in action! SO, I heard from Jessie at Eat Pastry and I am happy to inform you that Eat Pastry is now available in Pennsylvania! And New Jersey! And some other eastern places! VERY EXCITING. I’ll have to check the Whole Foods in Philly but Jessie says it’s available at Whole Foods and Big Bear Natural Foods in PA. I’ve never been to this Big Bear place but it looks adorbs and there are several locations.

Actually, several Whole Foods have picked them up: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Kentucky, and the cities on the border of New Jersey (including Princeton! We can go and buy records and eat cookie dough!). She said she’ll be in NY this month to try and convince the NY Whole Foods to get with the program. GENIUS IDEA: You New Yorkers should totally request Eat Pastry any time you’re in a Whole Foods! Then we could eat cookie dough all the time! And be happy in the way only food makes you happy!

Some other places that have picked up this yummy dough include Dean’s Natural Food Market in Jersey, Mustard Seed Market in Ohio, Roots Market in Maryland, Yes! Organic Market in DC (say “hi” to my DC friends!), and really, just a bunch of places. Huzzah!

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