Nacheez has a television commercial! How exciting and super adorable, right? Do you want to know more? We asked Ilsa Hess, Nacheez chef and creator extraordinaire, all about it!

Vegansaurus: How did this come to be and when do we get to see it on our airwaves?

Ilsa: The Sacramento Art Institute contacted me out of the blue and said they were starting their commercial video production class and wanted the students to work with actual businesses to get a real-life experience. So, they contacted about eight different small and local small businesses and I was one of them!

Right before we started meeting the students, the professor came to me and said that he had given the students a pop quiz. The student who got the highest score was able to pick the biz they wanted to work with. The winner chose Nacheez! I was so flattered!

Samuel Platz (the winning student) and I┬ásat and talked Nacheez…. He shot the commercial, created the music and graphics, had a budding voice-over professional read the voice-over, and local budding actors be in the video. When I saw the end product, I was blown away yet again! He treated me with the utmost professionalism but was also very friendly at the same time. I recommend him to anyone who needs a great TV commercial. I’m holding off to air my TV commercial until I’m in more stores across the country. I’m hoping with some more exposure, that can happen soon!

Got that everyone? We gotta get Nacheez in more stores so Ilsa will air her commercial! Do it! Demand Nacheez at your local vegan-friendly supermarket! Also, buy it where it’s already available (Rainbow, Vegan Essentials, Nacheez) cause it’s goooooood.

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