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Bender’s has a new menu because Weird Fish is whack and ended the satellite kitchen. HOWEVER, they have stuff that can be made vegan and are CARRYING DAIYA CHEESE NOW! All right now, yall.


Okay. So I heard from KevinMonty that Bender’s Bar has a very similar menu to Weird Fish, so I had to check it out. He’s right! and further, it’s actually a Weird Fish satellite kitchen! So it’s like Weird Fish but even closer to my house and EVEN BETTER because

  1. It’s HUGE so there’s a better chance you’ll get a seat!
  2. It’s a bar so even if you don’t get a seat right away, you can play pool, darts or pinball, and have a delicious margarita! And the drinks are cheap! Which brings me to my next point
  3. Nothing but NOTHING goes better with a basket of beer-battered and deep-fried seitan and fries than cheap beer. Except maybe cheap margaritas.
  4. Bender might be best character ever on TV? I mean, except for Nibbler*. And Al Bundy. NO MA AM!

Last night, I ate so so so so many Fried Yo-Yos (pickles! SO GOOD!) with vegan ranch dressing, beer-battered seitan with sesame-ginger sauce, french fries, and seitan tacos that I am now a complete person. Or at least a fatter one. AND GUESS WHAT: IT WAS WORTH IT, FOLKS. Next time, I’m getting a veggie Philly cheesesteak (sans cheese, unless they offer it with vegan cheese! Which they might! Because they do at Weird Fish!) and the seitan Buffalo Girls (pictured)! That might be tonight, actually. The Weird Fish satellite kitchen at Bender’s is open Tuesday through Saturday (on Sunday they have free BBQ—which I cannot speak to except that it’s probably gross—and on Monday, there is a sushi happy hour and there are apparently quite a few vegan options—I’ll check it out and report back! THE THINGS I DO.)

*Not to be confused with the equally awesome and somehow even more adorable Nibbler, Vegansaurus’ favorite bunny and spokesrabbit!

UPDATE: We did some follow-up research in regards to Hallie’s comment, below, regarding the batter. The result? ALWAYS ASK. Sometimes they run out of the vegan batter, in which case they make a non-vegan one. Always ask!

UPDATE 1/28/10: Bender’s no longer has the WF Satellite kitchen but has a new menu with some vegan options. Have yet to try it but am a little worried. SAD DAY.

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