Vegan MoFo: Monday!  »

I had grandiose plans for my last vegan MoFo of entry this month. Grandiose! But what do I do? I sign up for a Monday post, knowing full well (but thinking maybe this time will be different) I work all weekend and will not be able to put anything (recipes) together by Sunday night. Silly me. So I give you the tired, frantic, vegan girl’s dinner.

I like to think of the stove as not a mess, but abstract art.

What we have here:
Thinly sliced zucchini sauteed in olive oil, salt and pepper,
Steamed Kale
VegeUsa Black Pepper Steaks

I like this kind of dinner because it’s fast, convenient, and reminds me of the meals my fam used to eat together, except without all the slaughtering to get to my plate! Go veganism!

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