The Vegansaurus store on Ethical Ocean!  »

We have our own storefront on Ethical Ocean now
! We picked out a bunch of cute vegan things to show you! And if you click the link above to Ethical Ocean (or our forthcoming banner), we get a percentage of anything you buy. We will use the money to do Vegansaurus-y things! OH AND there’s a special Meatless Monday Unicorn cartoon on our storefront, brand new! He’s such a wisenheimer. 

I’m pretty excited about this. Ethical Ocean is really cool. They don’t just have vegan things; you can also search for things that are environmentally friendly or sweatshop-free—or all three! I will prob buy my holiday presents from them. It’s nice to buy people stuff that also makes you feel good because the company is all conscious and whatnot. Happy shopping!

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