Donut Farm—where’s the review?  »

Imagine our shock when this little item popped up on our reader this morning: John Birdsall visits Donut Farm and, uh, kind of likes it? Hard to say, really. That an omnivorous food writer didn’t say 100 percent terrible things about vegan donuts didn’t shock us, though; your Vegansaurus knows that vegan food is appealing to people of many tastes, and expects food writers not to be prejudiced jerks. What shocked us was the absence of our review of Donut Farm!

Our Laura was invited by the adorable, talented Josh Levine to come visit for Pepples Donuts’ first weekend in its new home, but did she go? NO. She says she’s been busy cleaning dog shit up in her apartment, because at this point in Hazel’s recovery—which is going very well—she’s not allowed any movement, which we assume means “no going outside to relieve herself.” Lucky Hazel and Laura and Jonas!

That does sound like a valid excuse. Still, your Vegansaurus is shamed by this incident, and will try very hard not to let it happen again. Laura promises to visit Donut Farm as soon as she can, so don’t worry (too much—worry a little, it makes us feel loved), a review is coming! Until now, tide yourselves over with the SFoodie report. Sorry about that.

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