Russell Brand, are you seriously a vegan now?  »

If you have eyes and use the internet (Twitter), you have probably seen Russell Brand’s claim that he is going vegan! At first I was all, “Oh yeah, Russell, sure. Why don’t you marry Katy Perry while you are at it?” Then I realized I was being such a hater! Dude has been vegetarian since he was 14! Yeah, Russell, watch Forks Over Knives with the Mrs. and go vegan! Do it, PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2011!

I’m just being a hater because I thought he was hot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and then was the funny/OMG so sexy-hilarious host of the 2009 VMAs. Jealousy—it’s not attractive. DAMMIT RUSSELL, WHY KATY AND NOT MEEEE?

The Tweet heard ‘round the world. Or, at least in most vegan circles.

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