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Oh my goodness gracious you guys, am I dreaming? Possibly, possibly I am dreaming. Just look at this photo from SFoodie and tell me it doesn’t look like a meal heaven would serve (if there were a heaven, etc. etc.)

[photo by John Birdsall for SFoodie]

Do you know onigiri? It is only the most delicious and perfect savory snack in the entire world, is what it is. I learned of it lo these many years ago, on a trip to Japan to visit a beloved friend of mine. On a courtesy break during a bus ride from Matsumoto to Tokyo, she bought snacks, and when she got back on the bus she handed me a sort of three-dimensional triangle of rice, the middle wrapped in nori, covered in plastic. I unwrapped it, bit into it, and Oh, oh! It was amazing. But when I got to the middle, that’s when I fell in love with onigiri forever: hiding in the center of that perfectly shaped triangle was an umeboshi. A whole one, its little pit intact. The flavor! The tangy rice, the roasted nori, the sharp salty umeboshi—and the textures! And the size of the onigiri, just right to hold in your hand, the rice shaped and packed and wrapped to prevent spilling! I swear, with enough fillings—no, let’s be honest—with enough umeboshi I could live on onigiri forever.

The glad tidings SFoodie brings us today, of a new food cart in Justin Herman Plaza called Onigilly, about blew my mind. And that two of the three onigiri fillings are vegan? O glorious day! Even better: Onigilly specifies which of their daily dishes are vegan! Seriously, I am dead. Dead of anticipatory happiness.

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