Our final Vegan MoFo of 2011: Easy Artichoke Pasta  »

I learned today’s amazing secret super-speedy dinner from my mother. Thanks mom! I made this for dinner this week and my husband liked it so much he got sad when the leftovers were gone. Best part? Nearly zero effort. 

Pasta (I used whole wheat spaghetti this week, but anything goes)
A jar of marinated artichoke hearts (make sure they’re the kind packed in oil)
Nutritional yeast

Cook and drain your noodles just like the package says.

Chop up the artichoke hearts into smaller pieces, maybe like 3/4 inch cubes or so.

Mix the artichokes and the oil in which they were packed into the pasta.

Smother in nutritional yeast.

Devour while congratulating yourself on how easy dinner was.

And thus concludes our Vegan MoFo for 2011. It was the most fun ever, and we can’t wait for next year so we can gorge ourselves with even more deliciousness!

[Photo from Yumsugar, where you can learn to marinate your own artichoke hearts if you want to get crazy like that]

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