Buy a Sparrow Project shirt for Farm Sanctuary!  »

It’s called style and substance, you should cultivate both. The Sparrow Project can help, by kitting you out in one of their adorable shirts! They’ve got something like seven different designs, and the proceeds benefit organizations like Clean Ocean Action and Farm Sanctuary. Specifically, sales of the “Vegan” design go to Farm Sanctuary. Cute, right? It’s printed on American Apparel cotton, and costs $25.

They’re selling a vegan-themed tote bag to benefit Farm Sanctuary as well. It costs $18, is made of cotton canvas, and encourages people to ask you why you’re vegan. Perhaps a better approach than a Sharpied t-shirt and a massive fanny pack, but who are we to judge? No one, is the answer, especially when your Vegansaurus’ favorite tote is black canvas with this design on white.

Sparrow Media keep a lively blog focused on social justice issues, if you’re interested in that sort of thing—which, really, freedom is freedom whether it’s for humans or animals. One of their members will be in the Bay Area later in October, should anyone with retail connections like their merchandise. We are certainly looking forward to hearing more from them!

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