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These pies are seriously ridiculous. The strawberry rhubarb! The blueberry & candied lemon*! Heaven! OH AND THEY’RE VEGAN. Well, not all of them but I’m working on that (can I get a what-what for Earth Balance!? Nevermind! Further, BLOW ME, EARTH BALANCE IS THE SHIT AND ISN’T MILKED FROM THE UDDER OF A COW WHO’S USED UNTIL SHE LITERALLY FALLS DOWN AND DIES. Oh those are the lucky ones, the others go to slaughter. Actually, I can’t tell who the lucky ones are, opinions?)

SO ANYWAY, you should track them down on twitter @bikebasketpies and request many vegan pies and then eat them all and be tremendously happy. They also have a website, where you can then write me numerous love letters thanking me for sending you to this hand-held pie-in-the-sky gloriousness. Next, you can send me a blank check. After that, I’ll take the check straight to Singapore Airlines and buy a one-way ticket to Tokyo where I’ll seamlessly blend into Japanese culture by losing¬†200¬†pounds and dressing like a Cabbage Patch Kid. We all have different dreams.

My point is, these pies are great, though only available on Tuesdays. FOR NOW. I have a feeling they are going to take off and become famous. Well, as famous as food products can become. Which is to say, very famous. Please see: The Hamburgular.

I need to eat dinner.

*Pictured! And I know, my photography skills suck: the pie is much more delicious-looking in reality, but I wanted to put something up because apparently people don’t read blogs without big pictures because everyone is really stupid now.

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