The New York Times kicks off its month of vegan Thanksgivings!  »

We don’t have to wait one second after this year’s glorious Vegan MoFo ends to start amassing recipes again, because the New York Times has just begun its own month of veg food, to celebrate meatless Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the official holiday of Vegansaurus, mostly because we’re horrible racists who love America! Just kidding, we’re mild racists who hate America! Nope, it’s because we love eating, we love our friends and family, and we really smothering our guilt about the holiday’s origins by eating EVEN MORE.

Last year was my absolute favorite: You awesome readers sent us gorgeous photos of your Thanksgivings, and we published them all Thanksgiving weekend long! The best! This year, you can get started early on planning your feast with the Times' Well Blog Third Annual Vegetarian Thanksgiving, with recipes from Nava Atlas’ new cookbook, Vegan Holiday Kitchen! And check out the pretty photos by Susan of Fat-Free Vegan! The recipes look rich and tasty and healthy, you could totally make some tonight for practice!

November is here, you guys! It’s the best month of the year! Let’s cook delicious vegan food with our loved ones and think about all the good things we have in our lives. And yes, we are totally doing another readers’ Thanksgiving weekend this year; watch for details closer to the date!

[photo of Deborah Underwood’s Thanksgiving 2010 feast!]

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