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Hey people! Your pal Megan Rascal has successfully taken Europe by storm! And everybody was all like, “Megan Rascal, please stay here and live with us! S’il te plaĆ®t!” And I was all, “My friends! My duty and my heart reside in America! But I will return one day!” And everybody was all like, "c’est con!" (“bummer!”) Poor guys, sometimes a taste of honey is worse than none at all.

I went to London and Paris but London beats Paris’ ass on the vegan metaphorical football field (football is European for “soccer!” Queer!). My first stop was at Mildreds Vegetarian Restaurant in SoHo (they gots their own SoHo! Adorbs!). Dudes, Mildreds is the jump-off! SO good and lots of vegan options. If you go, super duper you have to get the chargrilled artichoke crostini. It was amazing with a capital Hot Damn!

I wasn’t terribly hungry so instead of an entree I got the soup of the day, which was a turnip soup. Turnips are my jam. It was very delicious and came with good bread. Dipping bread in soup is one of the simple pleasures in life. Oh and sorry for the poor picture quality—the restaurant has a big skylight, but there was a storm so it was dark. And loud.

My dear friend Lizzy, who’s an omni but always happy to join me at a veggie restaurant, got the “tomato, aubergine, chickpea and green olive tagine served with flaked almond couscous, flat bread and harissa.” (aubergine is British for “eggplant”! Ha!) I gave it a try, it was yummy.

Clearly, my first vegan endeavor in London was a success. Lizzy wanted to go back the next day (silly omnies!) and I’ve been dreaming about the artichoke crostini all week. In conclusion: highly recommended!

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