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You guys, it is the season of sickness. I don’t know what’s going on, but since Monday I have been feeling cold, nauseated, and headachey. Sleeping doesn’t help, drinking water doesn’t help, even cuddling with Allen doesn’t help (especially when he falls asleep and starts kicking). I’m at a loss—there’s really nothing you can do about a cold except wait it out and suffer. And continue going to work where other people are sick and probably getting you to bonus levels of sickness. On Monday afternoon I just snuck into my office and took a 10-minute nap. That was great!

Besides sickness, there are two things that are not great this week. The first is the knowledge that in Japan, artists are murdering rats and painting them to look like Pikachu. The rats don’t even look that much like Pikachu. What they look like are fucking murdered rats painted yellow. What? Why? How does this even qualify as art? What is the message here? Capitalism? Anime? Mass-consumerism? I don’t understand it! What’s even more disturbing is that one of the comments I read about this monstrosity was a discussion on how the rats must have been killed in order to maintain their bodies. It turns out that in cases like this, people sometimes drown the rats in a cage, which is noted as being fast, economical, and relatively easy for the rats! Dude, what are you smoking? Drowning may be fast and economical, but having your lungs filled with water while stuck in a small cage sounds like anything but easy. It sounds like one of the top 10 worst ways to die, with number one being involved in some kind of trap from Saw. God, those movies are scary!

Here’s the other thing that isn’t great: people torturing cats because they’re depressed. OK, so cats can be kind of messed up, choking out hair balls, vomiting, and peeing all over the place. (My brother has like 15 cats. I hear stories.) Horrible. Yes, we can blame cats for all of these things (the same way I can blame a rabbit for pooping a lot, but then understanding that this is just how things are). Yes, we can whine about it. No, we cannot start blaming cats for our depression to justify strangling them. Seriously, people need to stop. Depressed people don’t torture animals. Most of the time they just don’t have the energy. Psychopaths, however…

That’s it for this week. I’m going to climb back into bed. Please email me links for next week, and I wish you a Wednesday filled with antibacterial handwash.

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