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I got an odd letter in the mail today, informing me that a new alcohol purveyor was opening on my street. Well, sure, I’ll take another one of those! Reading further I found out that this new establishment will be called Pi Bar and is setting up shop at 1432 Valencia—also known as the space where Suriya Thai used to be.

Proprietors Jen and Richie say that they live in the neighborhood and “hope to create a warm and comfortable place serving great pizza and beer.” That all sounds well and good, but I wonder if they’ll be warm and welcoming to some vegan suggestions?

While doing some sleuthing, I found a few other nerdily named pizza joints around the country. Interestingly enough, Pizza Pi is the name of an all-vegan restaurant in Seattle. There’s also a place in Minneapolis called Pi Bar that served vegan pizza, but it closed last year.

I don’t know if these places are related, but if not, maybe we can reach out to our new neighbors and encourage them to take a cue from their vegan brethren who share an enthusiasm for Italian food/math/puns. Anyone got further scoop on this place? I can’t find any contact info for the owners, but their note says to stop by the space anytime while they’re renovating. I say we take them up on it!

Many thanks to Sharon for the stellar reporting! VEGANS, LET’S DO THIS! Get to contacting these fools anyway you know how: stop by the space; email (; send smoke signals; adopt a courier pigeon; don a bear costume, light it on fire, and run down the street screaming “VEGAN PIZZA!!! AHHHH!!!!”; etc. to tell them that vegans have pizza needs! That is right, we need to eat delicious pizza! With vegan cheese! And vegan sausage! Pi Bar, we’re a-comin’ to getcha! Vive la rivoluzione (della pizza)!

Also, happy day-after-your-birthday, Tim!

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