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A month ago, I asked you to help me win the Denver Avocado Takedown for the vegans. The bad news: I didn’t win. The better news: Vegans totally took over. And vegans totally won!!

I’ll tell this story mainly in photos.

I spent the whole weekend cooking. 250 cupcakes. Notice the *free* case of Avocados from Mexico (TM) in the background. This is the pile I started with.

Thanks, Kitchen Robot, for pureeing the green stuff so well!

Oh hell yeah. Mini avocado-lime cupcakes, based on a recipe from Big Vegan (review here), and decorated to adorable perfection (thanks YouTube!). I made my own colored sugar. It’s dead easy: Mix sugar with food coloring in a bowl; use a spoon. DONE!

If there was a prize for presentation, we woulda won. That’s my husband Danny in his new Vegansaurus shirt. Note the awesome sign he colored for us. Note the lights and cupcake tree. Yup. Also note that the Vegan Van was next to me. Love it! There was a vegan to my left as well! And so many more! Somehow we took over!

This is a plate of only the vegan food on hand. Out of 23 entries, 13 had vegan options. HOLY SHIT WE OUTNUMBERED THEM! One chick with non-vegan cupcakes was totally apologizing to me.

That’s me near the center with the Vegansaurus shirt peeking from my apron, waiting to hear about first place. Eek!

In the end, the judges gave third place to a vegan dish, and the people gave vegans both first and third places. WE WIN!

I got to go home with a zillion leftover cupcakes, an avocado apron, totebag, and peeler, and an awesome good time. Dudes, it was a glimpse of the future: WE OUTNUMBERED THEM! VEGAN WAS NORMAL!

Some recipes will be online soon; I’ll update with a link.

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