It’s Kickstart time again, this time with delicious Indian food!  »

I could probably eat Indian food every day and not get tired of it. So many delicious flavours, so many veg-friendly options! And on top of it, all those lentils are awfully good for us.

Now that you know that about me, you won’t be surprised to hear that I was really excited when I received an email from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, alerting me to the upcoming Kickstart India program. The PCRM’s Kickstart is a great idea: three weeks of vegan meals to help newbies to veganism get into a habit, and existing vegans try some new and healthy recipes. An Indian theme just makes the whole thing even more exciting for me.

The Kickstart is a couple of days in, but you can go to the site and check out the meal plans, as well as a list of basic groceries you’ll need to make the recipes. It’s nothing crazy, even! I already had most of this stuff in my kitchen. Go check it out and eat some dahl for me.

Terri Coles lives in Toronto, Ont., where she enjoys barbecuing, feeding feral cats, going to local music shows and getting really mad about hockey games. She blogs about her adventures in plant-based eating at The Vegina Monologues.

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