Vegan doughnuts in Brooklyn: Dun-Well Doughnuts is getting a store front!  »

Hello world! I bring you happy news! Williamsburg, Brooklyn is getting its own vegan donut shop (I can’t decide how to spell doughnuts so just bear with me)! Dun-Well Doughnuts has been supplying local coffee shops and stuff but now they will have their own storefront and I couldn’t be more excited!

Dun-Well was started by Christopher Hollowell and Dan Dunbar after watching a donut-laden Simpsons episode. And the vegans of New York have been grateful ever since! We think they’re pretty great

The storefront is having a soft opening late November and will be at 222 Montrose Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hopefully Christopher and Dan will be there like every day because I’ve seen them at Vegan Drinks and they are adorbs. They dress so cool. And how much do you want a French Toast Doughnut? Pro tip: so much!

Make sure you visit their Indie GoGo page and throw down for some donuts. If you give $1000, you get to invent a donut!! I just sprung for a few coupons. But one day there will be a Megan Rascal donut. Or a dino-shaped pink Vegansaurus donut! What? We’ve already got a sandwich. That’s right!

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