LAST WEEKEND for Beats ‘n’ Brunch :(  »

Beats ‘n’ Brunch, the best vegan brunch in San Francisco, is going buh-bye until WE DON’T KNOW. We pray it’s not long because it’s by far the tastiest vegan brunch in SF. Major fucking bummer. We pray this is a hiatus and these fools will come back stronger than ever because if there is one thing SF needs, it’s good vegan brunch. I guess I’ll go back to eating Effexor for weekend brunch because that’s what this fucking city is driving me to. Goodbye, Korean Pancakes, I hardly knew ye. So long, Badonkadonk, I barely badonkedonked ye. Farewell, vegan hippie brunch geniuses, I didn’t know you well, but I woulda gone to your yoga class.* Or at least made fun of your camel toe in it, whatevs.

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