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Hi pals! Check me out, Megan Rascal: Photojournalist! Vegansaurus already has pretty great coverage by Brianna for your vegan travels in Paris but there’s always room for food porn, no? Yes!

These first pictures are from Voy Alimento! Just as Brianna says, it’s a very nice place and the people were so friendly. The woman waiting on us knew English, French and Spanish—she was the best! I should note however that for the brunch, there was literally one entrée to “choose” from, but it was good! Of course I got the meal deal with starter, entrée, dessert and drink—SHWEET! First is the starter; it was kind of crazy. Those are bananas in the center with agave and raw chocolate bits. Around it is spouts with some agave and coconut. Like I said, kind of crazy but yummy. Except I don’t really like sprouts that much. So sue me!

Here we have the plat du jour (Megan Rascal: multilingual photojournalist!). The tofu was kind of interesting; I very much enjoyed it. It was cold and at first didn’t really have a flavor, then had a pleasant minty taste. The best part was the blini, that thing on the far end of the plate covered in sprouts (I didn’t eat all the sprouts! Ha!). You can see the “milkshakes” we got with our food; they were actually tasty though not very milkshake-y. I got a wacky Mexican hot chocolate instead of a milkshake, it was wacky.

Here was my dessert, a sweet little blueberry goo
with a cookie-flavored cream on top.

Below we have a picture of my face! Actually, it’s me with a yummy chocolate-and-banana-filled baguette! OMG I was so excited! I went to this bakery with my friends so they could get croissants (yawn) but my friend Luna speaks French and was really great about asking if there were vegan items. I was like, no way, but they had these baguettes filled with cheese and olives, and a chocolate one!

Sorry I broke the fourth wall but the above is a more pleasant image than the close-up I got of the pastry. Trust me, it was the bomb.

I also went to Le Puit de Legumes while I was in Paris. It had a full menu with a good number of vegan options. The pumpkin soup was off the hook! But it didn’t photograph well. Sad face. Below is the plat du jour, pretty standard fair. It’s what I would expect when you go to a non-veggie restaurant, and they put a bunch of stuff together for you—I love that, but I expect more from a veg restaurant.

To end on a high note, some of the pretty Euro plums at an outdoor market.


Megan Rascal.

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