This video documents the transportation of super-duper-endangered black rhinoceroses from the Eastern Cape of South Africa to a location 1,500 miles away in Limpopo province. Yes, it looks pretty scary, but it is supposedly the all-around best way to transport big animals like rhinos, and the 19 of them that were moved, via the World Wildlife Federation's Black Rhino Expansion Project, all made it safely. 

Reading the details of this project on the Vimeo page is highly recommended! It was quite complicated, involving four organizations and many, many individuals, all to protect the seventh black rhino population established by WWF.

The overall populations of white and black rhinos are finally increasing, but this week the western black rhino was declared extinct, and the northern white rhino “on the brink of extinction.” It seems like these kinds of actions, which seem scary and extreme, are necessary to preserve the rhinoceroses in the wild.

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