An undercover video of McDonald’s egg suppliers by Mercy for Animals. Shit is fucked! 

From Mercy for Animals:

The organization is urging McDonald’s’ CEO to implement a new animal welfare policy prohibiting the sale of eggs from hens confined in cruel cages – something the company has already done in Europe.

The undercover footage recorded at Sparboe Egg Farms in Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado reveals:

·       Hens crammed into filthy wire cages with less space for each bird than a standard-sized sheet of paper to live her entire miserable life, unable to fully stretch her wings, or engage in most other natural behaviors

·       Workers burning off the beaks of young chicks without any painkillers

·       Rotted hens, decomposed beyond recognition as birds, left in cages with hens still laying eggs for human consumption

·       A worker tormenting a bird by swinging her around in the air while her legs were caught in a grabbing device

·       Chicks trapped and mangled in cage wire – others suffering from open wounds and torn beaks

·       Live chicks thrown into plastic bags to be suffocated

“In my opinion, the treatment of the birds at this facility is unconscionable,” veterinarian Dr. Lee Schrader said after viewing the footage. “The unnecessary violence, unskilled killing, and especially the extreme confinement and deprivation of the most minimal and basic needs of the hens cannot be allowed to continue.”

Confining hens in battery cages is so cruel that the entire European Union and the states of California and Michigan have banned their use. Additionally, leading food retailers, such as Whole Foods, Hellmann’s, and Wolfgang Puck, and hundreds of colleges refuse to use or sell eggs from hens subjected to the inherent abuses of battery cages.

“McDonald’s’ secret ingredient in every Egg McMuffin is horrific cruelty to animals,” said MFA’s Executive Director Nathan Runkle. “Consumers would lose their lunch if they saw how McDonald’s’ rotten egg suppliers crammed hens into tiny, filthy cages where they couldn’t freely spread their wings, burned off their beaks without painkillers, threw them, and broke their necks.”

 View the undercover video at

McDonald’s’ secret ingredient in every Egg McMuffin is horrific cruelty to animals,” damn! Tell it! There is that one nice part in the video though where the employee laments the treatment of the chickens. That gives me a little hope that all people aren’t evil. Just a lot of people.

The McDonald’s Cruelty site says that McDonald’s is the biggest egg purchaser in the U.S., if they changed their ways, that would make a big difference. Bigger difference: if people stop eating eggs! Yay! But people love eggs. People are gross. And McDonald’s! Good lord! Get a conscience! We already know about the cruelty behind the McRib, now the Egg McMuffin. Is nothing sacred?!

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