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I was walking Hazel past the Pi Bar this morning and I swear to God I heard that door open from a block away. I was like Scooby Doo, my ears perked up and I was all, “bwuh?” Hazel was mid-crap so I urged her to cut this one short so I could get my foot in the door before it closed. We ran across the street, dodging bikes and cars, barely making it across this dangerous span of Valencia Street alive!* Also, we were naked!**

Peeking inside, first things noticed: it looks TOTALLY different than Suriya. It appears the bar on the right has been completely ripped out and the partition between the two dining areas is gone. They are in the process of painting the interior and it looks pretty good, really open and airy. Looks like there might be a painting of a lady happening on the back wall. Still no elephant.

Anyway, my conversation with the dude went like this:
ME: “Hello, are you the owner?”
DUDE: “No, I’m just helping him out.”
ME: “Oh, well, do you know if there will be any vegan options on the menu?”
DUDE: “For sure, they’re really savvy about that kind of thing.” (!!!!!)
ME: “Okay, great! Not just salads, right?”
DUDE: “???”
ME: “Because vegans, we don’t want salads.”
DUDE: “There aren’t many pizza options around here.” (In the Mission?!?! Uhhh…)
ME: “Um, well, Beretta has good pizza AND THEY HAVE VEGAN CHEESE. For the VEGANS. Who EAT THERE ALL THE TIME. Because they have VEGAN CHEESE. You see?”
DUDE: “Oh cool.”
ME: “Well, let him know we’d love some vegan options!”
DUDE: “Sure thing!”

Then, just like that, I was off. To where? He’ll never know. Some things are better left a mystery. Like my address. In case some uppity EATING-MEAT-IS-MY-GOD-GIVEN-RIGHT jerkface “foodies” try to come after me.

That is all. Just wanted to report back that the encounter was successful. I think. Anyone else have any luck??

*Actually, there was nobody there but action/adventure sells!

**sex sells!

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