Guess the mystery item!  »

Take a good, long look; can you tell us what this is?

Well? Any guesses?

OK, we’ll tell you: It’s a close-up of the inside of a McRib sandwich! Yep, that’s totally “pork”! Plus deeeelicious BHA and TBHQ, yum yum.

Our pals at The Morning News thought this would be a timely reminder, given that this vile nightmare food is back on menus. Your Vegansaurus would like to remind everyone else that Morningstar Farmsand Sysco’s Moonrose Vegetarian, line apparently!—make vegan riblets all year that have zero creepy carcinogens in them, and are also ridiculously good. For real.

Your choice, “meat”-eating pals! We’ll be over here, covered in vegan barbecue sauce, enjoying this win in the smugness war.

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