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Let’s do the time warp again! Remember this little number? It’s my version of a recipe that this very blog posted from another blog last year. It’s a butternut squash and mushroom tart from The Tomato Tart!

See everyone? I’m not all about fake turkeys and worrisome ingredients. I know how to cook dishes from whole foods (as in ingredients, not the store). That being said, some of you have got to be in the same boat as me, with family members that are all “everyone, OUT OF THE KITCHEN! NOW!” which is how holidays at my Grandma’s house tend to be (while the real turkey is roasting! Yikes!). So I rely on monstrous soy turkeys where all I have to do is set the oven for my vegan holiday feast [Ed. note: I thought it was GLORIOUS! Not monstrous!]. Whatever it takes to avoid bickering make the most of family time, right?

For some reason, every once and a while, I can get away with making a delicious, elbow-grease-inducing (though so worth it!) recipe like this one.

Some changes I made:

-Added a little cinnamon to the butternut squash, whilst in the food processor.
-Added about a half of a tablespoon each of cornstarch and arrowroot to the squash, instead of silken tofu.
-Caramelized a white onion, then sauteed the processed butternut squash mixture with it.
-Sauteed garlic with the mushroom topping.
-Used sherry wine instead of sherry vinegar with the mushrooms.
-Used olive oil instead of Earth Balance for everything except the crust.

Overall, it’s a stellar recipe whether you use my modifications or not. To tell you the truth, on Thanksgiving I made the original version of it and the next day I changed it up. What can I say? At twenty-nine (last year) I was the the youngest person home for the holidays. I got antsy.

What a beauty!

Did you make this when you saw it up last year? Did you make any modifications? Are you going to make it this year? Tell me everything! 

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