Mint Chocolate Cookie at Arizmendi Bakery on Valencia!  »

GET IT. NOW. It is seriously the best thing I’ve eaten in several weeks and I can eat. I mean, I’ve eaten a slice of pizza since I started this sentence. This is a different recipe than the vegan mint chocolate cookie at the Arizmendi¬†on 9th Avenue and it’s SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER. It’s like the cookie evolved from an pre-oxygen anaerobic life form to Bill Murray (Truly Evolved). It’s been a hell of a ride, folks. Moving on! This cookie is basically a squished brownie with chunks of chocolate just melting out of it. It’s the size of your face and worth every penny of its $2 price tag. Here’s the crappy photo I took but I shoulda just taken a photo of my face afterward because it looked like I’d been making out with a post-binge Cookie Monster. WHICH I WOULD NEVER DO.

Arizmendi just opened on Valencia YESTERDAY so there’s no excuse for you to not be there all the time for their myriad of vegan bread, cookie, and scone options! And like 50 of these marvelous mint chocolate cookies from heaven. Get it, shawty!

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