Keep ups the ante! Animal Collective’s Ramos soon to be in adult sizes!  »

If you can remember all the way back to Monday (lush), you may recall the kids’ Ramos by Geologist, the latest addition to the Keep and Animal Collective collaboration. Well guess what?! People were all like, “Screw the children’s, I want a pair!” And Keep has delivered: the Ramos by Geologist will soon come in adult sizes. She-bangs! (That’s going to be my new exclamation of choice. Thanks Ricky!)

This picture is just a mock-up because I guess they were so excited about the announcement, they didn’t want to wait until they actually make one of these shoes. I’m into this mock-up though; you’re seeing something that doesn’t exist! It’s basically a unicorn. Just kidding, unicorns are totally played. It’s more like a libertarian who doesn’t annoy the shit out of me [Ed.: us!].

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