Souley Vegan & Food Mill on Living Social!   »

Photo by quarrygirl is making me HUNGRY

Oakland you are so damn lucky today!! Living Social has it made for you. Not only can you get $25 of Souley Vegan for $12, but ALSO snag $30 of groceries from The Food Mill for $15. 

If you’re reading this blog and live in Oakland you best know about Souley Vegan, but maybe you haven’t heard of The Food Mill? It’s rad. It’s got the best bulk section of anywhere I’ve ever seen, even better than Berkeley Bowl or Rainbow Grocery. Maybe not Rainbow. But it’s good! It’s where I bought dried sassafras and sarsaparilla for making root beer. 

Anyway, these two deals combined are almost enough to make me move back to the Bay Area. Promise me three meals at Souley Vegan and I may even come visit? EAT THIS BECAUSE I CAN’T RIGHT NOW I’M JEALOUS! Can you mail Tasty Crispies? Arg!

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